History of The Notty Pine

It was 1915 when a gentleman named John McDonald owned a popular saloon at 2301 15th Street in Troy, New York. Business was booming and profitable until 1919 and the inception of the 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution; Prohibition. Prohibition crippled the saloons, forcing them to either close‚ or to sell alcohol illegally. Unable to survive during this time, McDonald closed his saloon and in 1926 it became Finkles Community Market, owned and operated by Eugene M. Wagnar. Prohibition continued until the mid 1930s.

The Notty Pine, established in the mid 1940’s and run by the DeBonis Family, took over the same corner lot where Finkles Community Market once stood. In 1987 the Zotto’s purchased the Notty Pine and continue to operate it to this day. The Zotto family has had a presence in the Beman Park area of Troy since Clement Zotto immigrated to the United States from Pietragallo, Italy, in the early 1900’s. Clem was a barber and his shop stood proudly just down the block from the Notty Pine, on 15th Street in Troy, until 1982 when he retired.

“Known throughout the region for their reasonable prices and phenomenal pies, they have created quite a name for themselves among Troy locals. Owner Danny Zotto and his family have upheld their sterling reputation for over twenty years, and it is not hard to see why.”

~Success Magazine January 2009

“The attraction is obvious: The air of friendliness and camaraderie and an inexpensive menu together with good food makes Zotto’s Notty Pine appealing”

~The Sunday Gazette February 2006